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The more the world focuses on environmental concerns, i.e. Canada's Green Plan for a Healthy Environment, the more obvious becomes the increasing important role being played by the janitorial industry.

Many businesses have developed their own recycling programs to assure clients that they are responsive to environmental issues, we at C & W are also committed and have implemented the use of biodegradable products, as much as possible, to get the 'GREEN MESSAGE' across.



I think it is important that we raise public conscience towards environmentally safe products. We use biodegradable products which are characteristic of cleaning compounds that have received considerable publicity in recent years.

The early synthetic detergents were not readily broken down by the bacteria in the septic-tank drain fields, and as a result, foam and suds frequently appeared near sewage outfalls. this situation has now been largely remedied as manufacturers have made detergents more readily biodegradable and have fewer foaming agents.

We are committed to the environment today and will endeavor to use the most modern and sophisticated environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals that the market has to offer.


Edith L. Walton, President, C & W


Toilet surfaces harbor more human disease bacteria than other areas.



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